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Loudoun Historic Homes

Loudoun County is a historic and picturesque county located in northern Virginia.

It is desirable for those searching for a historically significant abode boasting rolling hills, vivid greenery, and quaint small towns. This county has an array of vintage homes, ranging from classic colonial farmhouses to majestic Victorian manors. Whether you’re an admirer of history, a connoisseur of old architecture, or a pursuer of a distinct and timeless property, you will surely find something appealing among the heritage or historic homes for sale in Loudoun County, VA. Blessed with a notable history and beautiful scenery, Loudoun County is the ideal place to acquire a dwelling with an interesting tale to tell. Call us today, and we’ll help you get your historic home.

PROUD HERITAGE: Experiencing the past firsthand can be an incredible feeling. Most homes in the region are antique, giving the people residing there the privilege of living among historical architecture, surrounded by specific styles and design elements reflecting the period they were originally erected. From Victorian to Colonial, Greek Revival to Gothic Revival, these dwellings are like gems and grant their occupants a way to familiarize themselves with the region’s past and traditions. Not only do these homes hold immense honor and glory, but also a tremendous delight for the way they were conserved. Being the owner of a historic residence offers spectacular architectural facets and a chance to connect with a long-standing culture. This connection provides residents with the capacity to become a piece of the region’s significant history, as well as able to admire the grandeur of days gone by.

FOOD & RETAIL: With its rich historical and cultural heritage, the county provides plentiful shopping and dining experiences. Visitors can discover the charming atmosphere of smaller, independent boutiques and restaurants, larger malls, and national chain stores. Here, unique goods reflecting the area’s heritage are easily found. Moreover, the county’s gastronomic offerings range from quick snack places to exquisite dining rooms, many serving time-honored recipes handed down through generations. This wide array of options makes the county a delightful place for locals and visitors alike to learn about and taste the area’s unique culture.

NEIGHBORLY TALKS: Many of Loudoun County, Virginia’s residents have lived there for a long time and are known for their hospitality. With their personal experiences, suggestions for nearby companies, and knowledge of the area’s culture and history, they may be valuable resources for newcomers. Additionally, the area’s strong sense of community offers a variety of chances to socialize and integrate through events, clubs, and organizations. Long-term inhabitants add a feeling of continuity and are invaluable for explaining how the place has evolved through time by drawing on their prior experiences. Additionally, they go out of their way to make newcomers feel welcomed and included in the community.

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Homes in Loudoun Historic Homes

10 Real Estate Facts About Historic Homes for Sale in Loudoun County, VA

  • Starting from $152K, a wide variety of historic homes for sale in Loudoun County, VA are available for purchase.
  • Buyers should be prepared to spend up to $495,000 on a starter home of greater size.
  • Homebuyers searching for a starting point for high-end historic homes in Loudoun County VA for sale will find prices beginning at $2.5 million.
  • Luxury properties available in Loudoun County, VA can reach up to a staggering $9.5 million.
  • Home buyers seeking a simpler lifestyle and those who don’t have a family yet may be delighted to discover charming abodes available in the region, beginning at 667 square feet.
  • For those searching for the perfect first house, mid-sized homes ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet could be an ideal choice for growing families.
  • Houses for first-time buyers in Loudoun County come in the form of either studios or residences featuring one to two bedrooms.
  • The luxurious residences in this area typically have between ten and 16 bedrooms.
  • Most residences in the vicinity are multi-level structures.
  • The majority of dwellings currently on the market in Loudoun County, Virginia are single-family homes and townhouses.
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Historic Homes for Sale in Loudoun County, VA

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Situated in the north of Virginia, in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Loudoun County enjoys a shared border with both West Virginia and Maryland.

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Things To Do in Loudoun County, VA

Mama Lucci's

A modest restaurant that offers traditional Italian dishes and Mediterranean-inspired fare from Greece and the Middle East.

Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park

The grounds are a relic of a past conflict, and provide insights into the times through interactive programs and excursions.

George C. Marshall's Dodona Manor

The regal estate boasts tours of the federal-style architecture that once belonged to the revered George Marshall, the past Chief of Staff of the Army during WWII.

Tally Ho Theater

This movie theater from the Depression era underwent renovation and became a stunning art deco jewel, showcasing live music and theatrical performances.


Schools in Loudoun County, VA

School NameGradesAdmission
Hillside Elementary SchoolPK - 5Public
Trailside Middle School6 - 8Public
Rock Ridge High School9 - 12Public