Ultimate Guide to Moving to Northern Virginia

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Northern Virginia, sometimes referred to as NoVA, is a beautiful Virginia region bordered by Washington, DC, on the north and Maryland, on the east, across the Potomac River.

The charm of Northern Virginia is not limited to its rich history alone. It is known for its wide range of opportunities for families and working individuals.

Housing, education, dining, transportation, entertainment, and work are the facets of life necessary for a comfortable living. In Northern Virginia, these things are within your reach.

In this article, we will have a detailed walkthrough of what you need to know if you plan on moving to Northern Virginia. Read on to learn more about NoVA and why it is an ideal place to move into.

Finding Your Perfect Neighborhood

Finding Your Perfect Neighborhood

If you plan to relocate to Northern Virginia soon, deciding which neighborhood you will reside in is an essential factor. Great news for you because NoVA has a collection of lovely communities ideal for families and working individuals.

Here are some of the best places in Northern Virginia you might love:

Vienna is a fantastic option for families in Northern Virginia because of its stunning housing market and excellent educational opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities for entertainment, nature explorations, shopping, and dining around the area as well.

Fairfax City has everything you could want in a pleasant suburban neighborhood. The city is ideal for families and people who like a laid-back lifestyle. Business establishments also surround the place, offering a convenient place to call home in Northern Virginia.

Schools in McLean constitute a significant selling point for the area. McLean is an ideal place for families since stellar educational opportunities, including public and private schools, surround it.

It is perfect for a family looking for a quiet, suburban environment to raise their kids. The area is also great because of its proximity to great dining and shopping, lovely parks and trails, and quick access to the rest of Northern Virginia’s roadways.

McLean is the place to be if you’re searching for a tranquil, family-friendly community. However, living here is a little expensive.

Arlington’s median property value of $643,300 compared to other nearby cities makes it a financially pleasant alternative if you want to move to Northern Virginia. Arlington’s excellent walkability is just another perk. Everything is within walking distance, and numerous cafes and dining establishments are available near the residential areas.

Leesburg has everything you might want in a pleasant town, from its historic buildings and tree-lined streets to its proximity to the city and the suburbs. In addition to its excellent schools and low crime rate, Leesburg has many fun places to eat, drink, and shop.

Del Ray is well-known for its laid-back and friendly atmosphere. The area is ideal for people who like art. The First Friday Art Walk, a monthly event showcasing local artists and performers, is famous in the area.

There are also charming bookstores, book clubs, and all-year-round community events. Del Ray’s proximity to public transportation and major highways makes it an ideal location to explore the rest of Northern Virginia.

Old Town Alexandria is one of Virginia’s best US communities known for its beauty and history.

The area is distinguished by its tree-lined streets, rows of brick and townhouses, and its lively King Street area with interesting retail shops, coffee houses, restaurants, art galleries, and a Saturday Farmer’s market.

In this area, the median house price is around $855,000. But if money is not a significant factor, this location is fantastic.

Navigating the Job Market

Regardless of where you plan to relocate, knowing how the job market in the area works is an essential factor.

Technology jobs are among the most desirable in Northern Virginia. In the past few decades, the industry has experienced significant growth in the area.

Aside from that, here are other notable job sectors in Northern Virginia:

Medical Sector

You will find many opportunities if you work in the healthcare industry. There are over 20 hospitals in Northern Virginia, and the Inova Healthcare System is the area’s most comprehensive provider of medical services.

Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector is also thriving in Northern Virginia. There are firms that you can join. The industry is diverse and comprehensive, too. You can learn real estate or, if you’re experienced, put your expertise in the real estate market of NoVA!

Public Sector

Given the proximity to the White House and other essential government establishments in the United States, work is waiting for you in the government around the area.

Education Sector

This sector can potentially be Northern Virginia’s most crucial employment generator thanks to the region’s public school systems, the presence of George Mason University, and various private educational institutions.

In many schools, teachers or professors receive compensation superior to that offered in most other parts of the country.

Hospitality Sector

Restaurant businesses and other aspects of the hospitality industry are thriving in Northern Virginia. There are also several start-up businesses and established multinational conglomerates in Northern Virginia.

If you’re planning to start your own or invest in a business in the area, there is a potential for it to thrive.

Settling into the Community

You probably already have a neighborhood in mind by now. No need to worry or get anxious if it’s your first time moving to Northern Virginia because settling in the area will be easy. Though we understand that it’s part of the process, remember to enjoy it as well.

The communities in the area are diverse, too. You will meet many people with different backgrounds but the same interests as you.

Enjoy the process, and don’t rush everything. Things will eventually fall into place, primarily if you work with an expert realtor in Northern Virginia.



The education systems of Virginia are some of the best in the country at every level, from elementary to graduate schools. You will pay a lower tuition rate since you live in Virginia, which offers an in-state resident rate.

The following are Virginia’s top five universities, in no particular order:

Navigating Housing and Amenities

Here is an overview of the housing market in Northern Virginia:

  • Price Range: $109,000 and $3.2 million
  • Room Configurations: 3 to 5 Bedrooms and 1 to 6 bathrooms
  • Interior Floor Space: 960 sqft to 6,000 sqft
  • Lot Sizes: 0.5 acres to 25 acres on average

Luxury real estate in Northern Virginia is why the state is known for elegance and sophistication. The area is home to various real estate properties, including affordable starter homes to grand mansions and estates.

If you’re planning on buying luxurious properties, here are the features and amenities you should expect:

Ultimate Guide to Moving to Northern Virginia


People who want to live in the suburbs yet still want to have easy access to metropolitan conveniences will find Northern Virginia the perfect spot to call home. The area is home to some of the state’s finest public schools, hospitals, and enterprises.

Moving to Northern Virginia offers an excellent quality of life where you can start or grow a beautiful family and boost your career.

If you want to know more about the neighborhoods, job opportunities, school options, and houses for sale in Northern Virginia, you may book an appointment with our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of living in Northern Virginia is higher than the national average. The urban areas of NoVa provide slightly more affordable options. Alternatively, if you plan on settling in a more remote part of the place, you may expect your monthly outlays to be less than in a major city.

Yes. The Washington, DC, metro region is served by two central commuter rail systems: the Maryland Region Regional Commuter (MARC) and the Virginia Railway Express (VRE). You can take the Virginia Railway Express service to Washington, DC.

The medical facilities in Virginia are widely regarded as among the best in the country. The following is a list of some of the notable hospitals and medical centers in Virginia:

  1. Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center
  2. Inova Fairfax Hospital
  3. Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital
  4. University of Virginia Medical Center
  5. Sentara Norfolk General Hospital